Voyage Youth ... Our experience of HCT

Posted: 12 May 2016

  • What was the purpose of the trip

Voyage hired the services of HCT to take our graduate leaders to an outward Bounds residential programme in Aberdovey Wales. The trip was developed for two main reasons

  1. to continue developing, strengthening and empowering our young people as potential community leaders by participating in the centres powerful 3 day leadership programme
  2. in between outward bound activities graduates contributed to a workshop designed to influence and shape the wider graduate programme being launched in Hackney at the end of May 2016.


  • How many people benefitted

8 young people took part in the residential facilitated by Voyages staff team led by our fantastic youth coordinator Loisann Amoako.

  • What did you do / benefits from the actual trip

Whilst participating in the Outward Bounds programme graduates took part in a kayaking expedition from the mouth of Aberdoveys coastline travelling 6 kilometres up the estuary inland. This gruelling challenge was followed by participation in a number of team challenges, which include the walk the plank, climbing 12 feet walls without ropes, the helium stick and the leap of faith 30 metres above ground. One the final night graduates were taken to a cabin in the middle of nowhere with no water, no electricity and only a sleeping bags and had to fend for themselves for 16 hours.

Graduates really enjoyed themselves and it was clear the 3 day really stretched them. The 3 days were set up to take them out of their comfort zones to build their resilience.

  • Feedback on your experience of hiring from HCT

We found hiring the services of HCT really easy, competitively priced, professional and a very friendly. HCT shares the same space as the London Transport so there is always someone around when you need help. 

“HCT is a great service for Hackney groups and we will definitely be using you again”.


Why did you book with HCT?

We booked the HCT service as they are very close to us, operate outside of usual hours and they are very affordable. They also have a great team on hand to help you.