Christmas Pot Luck Lunch

Posted: 07 Dec 2016

Group photo of all staff members and volunteers involved

This year has been another incredibly busy year for everyone at Hackney Community Transport. To celebrate the hard work of our staff - and in particular the volunteers, we all came together for some well-deserved Christmas ‘Pot Luck Lunch’ fun.
For those of you who haven’t previously heard of this concept, a Pot Luck lunch requires everyone bringing in a homemade dish that is unique! These dishes will then be shared among the group and the outcome of this celebration was fantastic.

George has been one of our volunteers for some time now and said:
"I felt very welcomed. It was quite nice to do this. I am thankful and I enjoyed the food and hope I will always find a workplace like this!"

At HCT, we feel that it is key that all our volunteers who give up their time to help their community feel part of the team and we do our best to ensure that they know we value their time, effort and their positive contribution to HCT Group.

Photo of all the food