What Minibus Driver Training covers

You have a choice of MiDAS programmes depending on what you want to do - standard MiDAS, an extension covering accessible transport and a refresher programme for those wanting to keep existing skills up to date.

Minibus driver training

Module One: Standard Certificate

One day course (08:30 – 15:00)

Training in the skills required to drive a minibus. Delegates will learn:

  • A thorough knowledge of the legal responsibilities of a minibus driver and duty of care
  • Department for Transport codes of practice in safe carriage of passengers
  • Good practice in passenger comfort
  • Health and Safety at work for Drivers
  • Manoeuvring of vehicles
  • Defensive Driving techniques
  • Information on BCT hire policies and procedures
  • Minibus Fire and Evacuation

At the end of this session, candidates sit a written test paper, consisting of 20 questions, the answers to which will be contained in the training session, and in the minibus drivers handbook provided to each candidate.

Each candidate undertakes a 1½ hour on-the-road driving assessment, which is booked for a later, mutually convenient time. The assessment route takes in to consideration a wide range of road conditions. The Assessor provides feedback and advice to the candidate during the drive.

In addition to the comprehensive course materials, those attending the course are also issued with a high visibility vest.

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Module Two: Accessible Certificate

Half-day course (08:30 – 12:30)

This module is for those carrying wheelchair users, and so those needing knowledge and experience of using passenger lifts and securing wheelchairs etc. The module is offered as a FREE addition to Module One. Delegates will explore:

  • Group discussion after viewing a training related film
  • Safe use of ramps and tail lifts
  • Wheelchair and passenger restraint equipment
  • Department for Transport codes of practice on safe carriage of passengers in wheelchairs
  • Good practice on passenger assistance
  • Information on disability, carrying children and professional etiquette

At the end of this session, candidates sit a further written exam paper, consisting of ten questions, of which eight must be answered correctly.

This module is compulsory for those wishing to carry wheelchair users in a BCT minibus.

Refresher Course (both standard and accessible)

A refresher course for those with a MiDAS certificate expiring soon. If you already hold a MiDAS Certificate and undertake refresher training before the certificate expires then you may opt to attend “Refresher Training” instead of the full MiDAS course. The Refresher training covers an abridged course content concentrating on the changes since obtaining your MiDAS certificate, and key components of the course programme. 

If you hold an Accessible certificate (see above), then the refresher training will also cover key elements of the Accessible Certificate training. Those undertaking refresher training receive comprehensive course notes, a high visibility vest. 

The course is half a day (usually mornings for Standard MiDAS and afternoons for Accessible) with a 45 minute on-the-road driving assessment. Those booking early on the course may be able to have their on-the-road driving assessment on the afternoon of the course. 

The certificate issued on succesfully completing the driving assessment is valid for four years. The refresher training is also available to reaquaint incidental minibus drivers with the complexities and skills of driving a minibus (even before the certificate is about to expire). 

To verify the entitlement to undertake the refresher training it is essential that the current MiDAS certificate is brought to the refresher training course