Driving licence questions

What licence do you need to drive a minibus?

Learn to drive a minibus

Q: I don’t have “D1” on my driving licence. Does that make a difference?

A: Volunteer drivers do not need “D1” on their driving licence, but are restricted on the weight of the vehicle that they can drive. Both the MiDAS certificate and Photo ID card record whether or not the holder has category “D1” on their licence. Further information and guidance here.

Q: Do I need a ‘clean’ driving licence to be able to take the MiDAS course?

A: It is for your own organisation to decide (probably in consultation with their insurers) whether or not an individual may drive one of their vehicles.

Q: Do I need a ‘clean’ driving licence to be able to drive a BCT minibus?

A: BCT (in consultation with insurers) will decide whether any endorsements affect your ability to drive a BCT vehicle. We will need to know the date and reason for any ‘points’ to help us reach our decision.

Q: I have a non-GB driving licence. Can I still drive a BCT vehicle?

A: Yes, non-UK licences can be used providing BCT is able to verify the accuracy and legitimacy of the licence. You should note, however, that a non-GB licence is only valid for 12 months after moving to Great Britain. Further information available from direct.gov.uk